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Commuter Value Pass

The MCTS Commuter Value Pass (CVP) is the region's premiere commuter program.

With the CVP you never have to worry about how you'll get to work, MCTS will get you there safely and ontime. Plus, with MCTS in the driver seat you can say goodbye to the stressful commute and say hello to more time reading, relaxing or catching up on work.

Even more reasons to commute with MCTS:

      Save up to $9,000 a year when you use transit over driving

      Emergency Ride Home program with Lyft

      Reduces your impact on the environment

Commuter Value Pass

CVP cards are good on all MCTS routes, including Freeway Flyers and special service to Summerfest, Brewers home games, State Fair and everywhere else you are going. 

Commuter Value Passes

  • Easy to Use: Employees simply touch their CVP smartcard to the farebox when boarding.
  • Secure: Passes include photo identification and are revalidated each quarter.
  • Economical: Employees will save at least 25 percent over the cash prices for commuting by bus five days a week.
  • A Partnership: MCTS includes a 14 percent discount off the pass price for maximum savings with this program. The employee and the employer may share in the cost.
  • Tax-smart: The employer contribution is a deductible business expense and is tax-free for the employee. In addition, the employee cost can be deducted as a pre-tax reduction in wages, resulting in further savings for both employees and employers. 

Advantages for Your Company

  • Easy to Administer: Employers are billed once per quarter, but employees may join or leave on a monthly basis. MCTS representatives manage the enrollment and produce the passes.
  • A Great Employee Benefit: Looking to attract the best talent? The CVP is great for recruitment and retention for companies big and small.
  • Relief: A way to help your employees avoid construction delays and the hassles and expense of driving and parking.
  • A Positive Direction: This program provides an effective way to combat traffic congestion, reduce parking requirements and be more environmentally friendly.
Emergency Ride Program

Some employees are reluctant to consider transit because of the possibility of a family emergency. The Emergency Ride Program solves that problem. If you took the bus to work but need to rush home for an emergency, you can take a Lyft - free of charge. The Emergency Ride Home program is free to all CVP participants.

Commuter Value Certificate

With this program, employers purchase certificates valued at $17.50 each and give them to employees who can use the vouchers for purchase of MCTS passes. CVCs offer employers flexibility in the level and frequency of the transit benefit.

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Want to Learn More?

Milwaukee County Transit System’s Business Service personnel are available to assist you with any questions. Please email us at cvpass@mcts.org or call us 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 414-343-1777 or 711 (TRS).

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