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Masks are still required on board all buses, regardless of one's vaccination status. Read more here.


Buying a 1-Day Pass on the Bus

Buying a 1-Day pass on the bus is easy! Just follow these simple steps. 

  1. When you board, tell the driver you would like to buy a 1-Day Pass.
  2. The driver selects the 1-Day Pass on the farebox and tells you to pay using cash ($5) or Stored Cash Value ($4) on your M•CARD.
  3. If paying with cash, touch your M•CARD to the farebox before (to activate your card) and after paying (to load the 1-Day Pass on the card).
  4. The 1-Day Pass is loaded for unlimited riding that service day.


1-Day Pass Fares 

 Fare Type  Cash    Stored  Value   
 Regular Fare  $5  $4
 Regular  Premium Fare  $6  $6
 Reduced Fare  $3  $2
 Reduced  Premium Fare  N/A  N/A


1-Day Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pass good for 24 hours?

  • No. The 1-Day Pass is good for unlimited rides from the time you buy it until the end of MCTS service that day (4:59 am the following day).

I want to pay with cash but have a bill larger than $5, can I still buy a pass?

  • Yes! Any value above $5 will be automatically loaded onto your M•CARD as Stored Cash Value. So if you pay with a $20 bill you’ll get a 1-Day Pass and $15 of Stored Cash Value put on your M•CARD.

Can I buy a 1-Day Pass on the bus and use it on a different day?

  • No. When you buy a 1-Day Pass on the bus the farebox automatically activates it for use on that day, so don't plan on buying a 1-Day Pass unless you want to use it right away.

Can I put more than one 1-Day Pass on my M•CARD?

  • No. If you have an additional pass on your card that you don't want to use, you cannot buy a 1-Day Pass and use it instead. You can buy a 1-Day Pass if you have Stored Cash Value on your card.

Can I buy an M•CARD on the bus?

  • No. You must already have an M•CARD in order to load 1-Day Pass on the bus, drivers do not sell M•CARDs.