6 Tips to Make WisGo Even Easier

Check out this list of our favorite tips to make using WisGo easy!

Tip# 1:   

Plan ahead with how much stored value you add to WisGo in the Umo app or your WisGo card. If you plan to ride every day to and from work for a week, all you need to do is load up your app or card with $19.50 for full fare or $11 for reduced fare. That’s it! Once, you hit the fare cap, you won’t have to pay any more the rest of the week. Same goes for a month – all you’d need to load is $72 for full fare or $32 for reduced fare. 

Tip #2 

Pick one way to pay. Do you like switching between the Umo app and your WisGo card? Well, we suggest sticking to only one of those payment methods. If you switch back and forth, you might not reach the daily, weekly or monthly fare cap, since each gets counted as a separate account.  

Tip #3 

Hitting your fare cap is the best way to save money while riding MCTS. The more you ride, the more you save! Fare capping does the math for you because each validator on the BRT route or on buses reads the card or app and knows immediately how many times you have paid a fare to ride the bus. WisGo will automatically deduct the lowest amount you owe. Gone are the daily, weekly or monthly passes previously required to earn that discount.  

Tip #4 

If you’re using the app, make sure to turn up your phone’s brightness, and aim it so the QR code is facing the validator. Hold it there for a moment until the validator makes a happy chime and green light if your code is accepted or a buzz and a red light if your code is not accepted. Click here for a full list of validator messages you could encounter.   

Tip #5 

The validator is your friend! Every time you ride, simply scan your mobile phone screen or WisGo card and the validator will automatically deduct the correct fare amount. If you reach a fare cap, the validator will not deduct a fare. It will also tell you if your fund balance is low and how much time remains on a transfer.    

Tip #6 

Every payment system defines timeframes differently. Here’s how we define a day, week & month for your fare capping: 

  • Daily capping (3 a.m. - 2:59 a.m.)  

  • Weekly capping (Monday to Sunday)  

  • Monthly capping (calendar month 1st – 31st) 

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